Samsung grabbing smartphone market share in China, now sells three times more than Apple

Samsung grabbing smartphone market share in China, now sells three times more than Apple
Thanks to the presence of its smartphones on all Chinese carriers, including the 655-million China Mobile, Samsung now has 24.3% of the market for phones that can play games and video, compared to Apple's 7.5%. This is a remarkable achievement, considering the competition from Nokia, Huawei and ZTE there. This gap between Samsung and Apple widened two times just from Q3 to Q4 last year, and the rift is likely to deepen further.

Samsung is trying to quickly gain share in the world's largest cell phone market, before Apple jumps on the China Mobile bandwagon with the next iPhone. Despite the carrier's CEO Wang Jianzhou meeting with Steve Jobs, an iPhone agreement wasn't reached, as China Mobile uses its own brand of 3G tech called TD-SCDMA, so the iPhone's radios would have to be retrofitted dramatically for that.

The situation will likely change with the fifth iPhone generation, since it will probably have the same Qualcomm's Gobi radio found in the new iPad, which supports TD-SCDMA, as well as TD-LTE. The 4G LTE speeds, however, might not see the light of day for at least another two years, as the Chinese FCC plans to expand the 3G network first, and then upgrade those base stations to LTE ones.

Still, Chinese consumers are extremely brand conscious, and the carriers that have the iPhone there had to adjust their contract pricing so as not to lose money on the heavy subsidies, thus we are not too worried about Apple's China ventures, eggpelting or not. Despite having just 7.5% of the smartphone market in China, Apple still made more than 5 billion in revenue from the area last quarter, and that's what counts in the end for shareholders.

source: Bloomberg



11. alpinejason

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damn she is so sexy

10. SuperAndroidEvo

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You know yesterday I was walking at my local mall & I saw the Apple store there. I looked at all the people who were in there from the outside & all of the people had this listless look on their faces. Kinda like a lost soul. It was very disturbing, it was what a controlled person would look like. Everyone copying each other, very superficial. I am so glad I am original & not some mindless i$heep. The reminded me of the walkers from the Walking Dead. Man Rick did the right thing last night, Shane had lost it, it looks like everyone is infected, once you die it looks like you are going to become a walker anyways. Sh*t is hitting the fan! lol

12. roscuthiii

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f**king spoiler alert warning, damn it! But yeah... the right thing was done. haven't read the graphic novel/comic so I'm not sure it will happen or not, but I hope Rick has to put down his wife too. She grates on my nerves.

9. RaKithAPeiRiZ

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Samsung on Apple - Nom Nom Nom...

7. remixfa

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with china's government controlled news, I doubt they heard too much about the foxconn plants other than rumors and such from friends. Foxconn is cozy with the government. When those people at the Xbox factory tried to threaten mass suicide if they didnt get better working conditions, foxconn had them all permanently locked up after they lied to them to get them off the roof.

6. som

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My Girl is holding Galaxy Note 5.3".

5. andro.

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Sounds like the norm,android outselling ios by at least 3 fold

4. The-Omega-Man

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Maybe the folks there heard about the goings on at the Foxconn plants?

3. lukasound

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can you imagine what Steve would say about practical screen sizes there? :) the phone this girl is holding seems to be a next-gen 3,2" galaxy ace :) just a joke, i LOVE asians! ^^ and how can they buy a phone from a manufacturer that made their family member or friend jump from the roof of the factory?

1. frydaexiii

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Brace yourselves, here comes the iFans with "Because they can't afford Apple products".

2. Dark4o90

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haha yeah right they will say that for sure :D :D and the truth is that even GSG2 is still better than 4S

8. ZEUS.the.thunder.god unregistered

lol. sammy is gonna rock this year and once again will outmatch everybody else out there

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