People in China paying to have “sent from my iPhone” appended to messages

People in China paying to have “sent from my iPhone” appended to messages
In China, people are taking the old catchphrase, “Fake it till you make it,” to a whole new level. Several merchants are offering services that add the famous “send from my iPhone” line to the end of messages send through QQ, the world’s largest instant messaging tool. The services runs about a $1 a month but requires you to relinquish your username and password to one of these vendors so that they can hack into the account.

With the price of an iPhone 4S well out of reach of many Chinese consumers, these vendors are attempting to provide people with the prestige of owning an iPhone in a price bracket that is realistic. One vendor even went as far as publishing an advertisement that said, “The iPhone is too expensive. If you don’t want to spend that money, then fake it!”

Overall, it seems like a ridiculous service that is intended to take advantage of the less affluent and less educated customer. Also considering the customer is also giving out login credentials, it opens an entire other gateway of potential crime.

source: beyondbrics


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