Samsung already delivering 14nm A9 chipset samples for the iPhone 7 to Apple

iPhone 7 is go, Samsung starts manufacture of Apple's A9 chip
Apple is already getting the first samples of its next-generation A9 chipset from none other than Samsung's state-of-the-art semiconductor plant in Austin, Texas, a Korean publication claims. Samsung has won back the trust of Apple with its shovel-ready 14nm FinFET production process, while the TSMC foundry's 16nm wafers can only start being cut in mass quantities in the second quarter of next year, it seems. 

In any case, mass production of Apple's new A9 will probably be split between the two competing foundries next year, but it's the advancements in chip-making technology that it brings which are interesting for us, as these are likely to end up boosting the iPhone 6s/7 features. 

As usual, with the move to a new production process (the current A8 is built on 20nm), we will be witnessing a significant drop in power consumption, while at the same time increasing performance. The jumps are not as jaw-dropping now as with previous intergenerational changes, as the 14nm process is said to bring a 20% performance boost with a 35% reduction in power consumption, but, knowing Apple, there will be much more tricks up the A9's sleeve than that, especially in the graphics and co-processing departments.

source: ET via Pocket-lint

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