Samsung's new 9820 processor benchmark mauls iPhone scores, leaks on a mystery Note 9

Samsung's new 9820 processor benchmark leaks... on a mystery Note 9, mauls iPhone scores
UPDATE: A tipster who has broken many a Samsung Exynos news before they happened noticed that the benchmark is most likely been doctored, as the "implementer 83 architecture 8 variant 4 part 1 revision 0" part below is the ID of Exynos 8895, or, the chipset in Galaxy S8. This would also explain the other fishy parts of the Gekkbench database submission, like the 4GB RAM and the 1.7 GHz processor frequency.

While we are eagerly awaiting the announcement and launch of the Galaxy Note 9 in a few short weeks, information about the handset is trickling down the rumor mill, and by now we know almost everything there is to know, save for the actual performance of the device.

While camera samples are few and far between still, a leaked benchmark of what is apparently a retail unit, judging by the high score, just popped up, and the results are pretty amazing. The SM-N960X model, which is assumed to be the unlocked version that Samsung usually sells on its own web store in the US, clocked the breathtaking 12246 points in the multi-core test, and 4089 in the single-core one.

For comparison, the current top performer in the Android chart, the Galaxy S9+ with Exynos 9810, scores 8679 and 3372, respectively, in those categories. We don't know what to think about this record score, though, as it borders on the top iPhone single-core performance chart and exceeds them well into the multi-core, but lists the still-rumored Exynos 9820 chipset as the powertrain. That's the processor we expect to see in the S10, certainly not in the Note 9, plus the phone here is listed with 4GB RAM, while most rumors indicate that it will start off from 6GB

We hope that the leak is legit, as, even if that is some sort of prototype or engineering sample and Samsung is toying around with its new 7nm chipsets, the score is pretty impressive. The thing is, however, that Apple is said to be first to market with a 7nm processor when the 2018 iPhones land with an A12 chipset, so its results are likely to get a similar boost, at which point they will still be ahead, in case you need that much power for your neverending chat sessions.

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