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Galaxy Z Flip repair prices are out, much higher than the Motorola Razr

Galaxy Z Flip repair prices are out, much higher than the Motorola Razr
The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the latest member of the foldable display club and Samsung’s first clam-shell-design smartphone using the new technology. With a price tag of $1380 and the with the first cases of broken displays already popping up, many are probably wondering what happens next?

Well, Samsung will be happy to repair it, of course, but how much will that set you back?

Now we have the answer as Samsung updated its Galaxy Repair Services page to include the most vulnerable parts of the new phone.

Here are the repair prices for the Galaxy Z Flip:
  • Back panel: $99
  • Flex Display Screen: $499

Before you reach for your pitchfork, we should tell you that there’s a small asterisk next to that three-digit price. When you check what that means you get the following:

“If your Galaxy Z Flip was purchased before December 31, 2020, you may be eligible for a one-time special screen replacement price of $119.00.”

So, basically all Z Flips (it’s not like they’ll sell any in 2021) could get a screen replacement on the cheap. Samsung doesn’t clarify what determines the eligibility for the lower price, but we’re guessing it depends on the type of damage and if it’s caused by the user or just premature wear and tear (and with these displays that’s very likely).

The price includes shipping to Samsung’s repair centers but if you’re going straight to a retail location instead, you might get a quote for a different price (unclear if higher or lower).

Galaxy Z Flip vs Motorola Razr repair cost comparison

Comparing the Z Flip to the Motorola Razr is inevitable and that continues with the repair prices for both devices. In the table below you can see how much the Razr’s screen repair costs as well as prices for other popular phones, including the Galaxy Fold.

Despite the Razr's higher overall price, the Galaxy Flip Z beats it with a $200 margin when it comes to screen repairs. It seems like that screen that people are arguing if it's really glass or not, is quite expensive. The Galaxy Fold is still the champ with its massive internal display costing a whopping $599 to replace.

Hopefully, you won't need to repair any of the phones on that list because that's some serious cash no matter which one you have.

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