The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - a woman’s perspective

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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - a woman’s perspective
It wasn’t long ago that Samsung released the gorgeous Galaxy Z Flip, which we reviewed already. It’s compact, folds, has a beautiful big screen with a punch hole selfie camera and stunning color options for the body. Its design seems appealing to the ladies, so I used it for two weeks, to check out how it would be in the hands of a woman. So, how did it go?

Sleek, modern design

Even before the smartphone was in my hands, I was fascinated by the way it looked. That beautiful pink color with glossy finish on our unit attracted me and I couldn’t wait to hold it. When I touched it for the first time, I couldn’t be more impressed with the design. Folded, the phone could easily fit in my jeans’ tiny pockets (ladies, you know what I mean) and opening the phone is not hard with two hands. I could slightly feel the crease on the display, when scrolling through comments under a YouTube video for example, however it’s easy to get used to after a while and you don’t scroll through it on most occasions (because of Samsung’s One UI 2.0 that is concentrating most of the phone’s controls in the bottom half, for easier one-hand use).

The most important thing for the ladies - selfie it is!

My first reaction when I had some time alone with the phone was to check out its selfie camera, thinking about what photo will be good for Instagram. The phone takes pretty good selfies in sufficient light, but the most important thing about it - it can stay folded in half! That’s very helpful for selfie maniacs - you can easily put the phone wherever you want, go back several steps and, using the hand-gesture to trigger the shutter with a timer, take the greatest Insta pic. I could put it everywhere, without worrying about phone stands, tripods or selfie sticks.

Comfort while using the phone

Another important thing for a lady is the comfort she feels when using a smartphone. It did feel a little bit top heavy and with this folding design, good luck with putting a pop-socket case on it. However, if you fold it halfway to take a photo, it instantly feels stable in your hand. Additionally, with Samsung’s Flex mode, the camera controls go in the lower half of the screen while the entire photo screen goes to the upper half, which is very convenient.

Another thing is that the phone, folded, can easily go into whatever bag you have, even one of those night-club clutch bags. You will have to open it with two hands though, because if you try with one hand, your nails are going to scratch the screen.

Okay, so how does it work?

The processor of the phone works wonders, with games (for the gamer-girls) or with other applications, such as Instagram and Snapchat. Everything works quickly. A slight issue I experienced was with the Face recognition - it somehow struggled in low-light scenarios, but otherwise, it was pretty quick and responsive.


I was pretty satisfied with the audio, even though the phone’s speaker is not as strong as I expected. However, I was easily able to watch my favorite YouTube videos and enjoy good quality sound. It has only one speaker though, at the bottom, so it will be better to listen to music with earbuds. But who wouldn’t, anyway?

Some issues I had with it

Well, except the slight crease from the hinge I could feel, I loved the display. The smaller one on the outside of the phone allows you to quickly check messages, for example when the Z Flip is in your bag and you receive a notification, you can quickly glance at it… but if it’s more than one notification, you will have to stop and put your coffee somewhere to open the phone and see what it is about. Another unfortunate thing - Instagram and Snapchat do not have the split-screen feature for taking selfies - you will have to use the full screen for your quick Instagram Story, but that’s understandable and not Samsung’s fault anyway.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, the folding design creates a tricky situation for a pop-socket case so you can hold your phone more steadily. And you better not drop it, girl!

Additionally, if you’re in a hurry and pull it out of your bag to pick up a phone call, be aware - if you keep the phone folded and answer it, it’s on speaker! Oops, everyone can hear that!

So, girls, do we like it?

Umm, yeah? It looks stunning, it’s beautiful and fashionable, more like an accessory to take out of your bag to excite your girlfriends. You get used to the crease on the display, and unfortunately, at the moment, flip phones cannot be without it. I expected more from the low-light selfie camera, but it is wonderful in daylight, and that gorgeous design is a great way to impress.

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