Galaxy S11 to offer crazy 100x Space Zoom camera, just as the 6.9" S11+

Galaxy S11's crazy camera specs and release date tipped, cue the 100x Space Zoom
From Greek sources with Samsung insider knowledge that have been right many a times before, especially when it comes to Galaxy phone tips, now comes the eye-watering specs kit of the "like no other" camera of the Galaxy S11 series. 

The camera set on the Galaxy S11 and S11+ will go for both ultrahigh resolutions and record high zoom levels, in addition to extra time-of-flight sensors, and that's just what we've heard so far. That Space Zoom feature that Samsung trademarked recently?

Galaxy S11 and 11+ camera

It turns out that Samsung will one-up them all plebeian phones that offer "mere" 50x hybrid zoom with 100x magnification, derived from a powerful 10x optical zoom achieved with a jaw-dropping 48MP telephoto camera that will accompany a 108MP main sensor.

We don't know what kind of periscope, pixel-binning and straight-out cropping trickery will Samsung employ to get to the maximum 100x zoom level, but the amount of detail that the first phones with 108MP sensors are offering, has proved to be staggering already. 

Galaxy S11+ specs and release

What else are we learning from today's leak to add to the ones from the last few days? Well, that it, and the larger sibling S11+, will be with a 120Hz display refresh rate, while the Galaxy S11+ (the only one that hasn't been rendered in full so far), will sport a whopping 6.9" panel.

This could only mean one thing - a thinner top bezel, as we wouldn't want the S11+ to be much larger than the Note 10+ or the S10+ 5G, after all. Still, 6.9" is a borderline tablet size, so we can't wait to see how much has Samsung sawed off those bezels.

What's also pretty surprising is that, according to the insider, the S11 series is going to be announced as soon as February 11, which is much earlier than the typical pre-MWC unveiling that Samsung does which would have fallen on Sunday, February 24. 

Apparently, Samsung is so proud with what it has accomplished on the S11 series, that it may hold a special Unpacked event mid-February way before the MWC expo, and release the phone in very early March.

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