Did Samsung low-key hint that the Galaxy S10 will be available in green and pink?

Did Samsung low-key hint that the Galaxy S10 might come in green and pink?
Yesterday at the first day of Samsung's SDC'18 developers summit, the South Korean giant not only unveiled the new OneUI user interface, but also gave us a sneak peek at its intriguing foldable phone, which should come out in the... near future.

Well, aside from these two major news that were produced at the very first day of the conference, we might have been given a low-key third one, which is really corresponding with certain rumors. In particular, Samsung might have given us a big teaser about the Galaxy S10's color options., and yes, it seems the flagships might come in green and pink.

How did we come to this conclusion? While Samsung's Senior Designer of UX, Jee Won Lee, was walking us all through the various new UX elements and features of OneUI, she revealed that OneUI will be capable of automatically matching the appearance of the UI theme with the color of the device. While saying that, a presentation slide showcasing five different UX themes appeared, representing five similarly-colored Samsung devices - white, green, dark grey, blue, and pink. You can see this yourselves in the video right below.

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So, what is this telling us? Given that there is no contemporary Samsung flagship that's available in green or pink at the moment, it's highly likely that Samsung is low-key preparing us for the new colors that are to come. Of course, the more memorable of you will remember that the Galaxy S6 edge from back in the day was available in emerald green, while the Galaxy S8 series was the last one to sport a pink version. At the moment, you can have the Galaxy S9/S9+ in black, gold, purple, and blue, with the gold color being limited to the unlocked version of the phone.; meanwhile, the Note 9 is available in black, blue, silver, and purple.

Of course, these could very well be simply design mockups that won't represent the actual color schemes of the Galaxy S10 family, but it's totally not outlandish to assume that Samsung could have openly spilled some beans here. Given the recent trends to come up with more colorful and vibrant devices, the Galaxy S10 could be a pleasing breath of fresh air.

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