Samsung Galaxy Note5 Q&A: ask us anything you wish to know about the hot new phablet


It's been merely a few days after Samsung unveiled its newest top-tier devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note5 and the S6 edge+. The newest superphones in town pair powerful hardware with exterior design to die for, which creates a pretty enticing package. They are powerful, they are good-looking, and they are already available for pre-order and will ship on August 21 for all those who have decided that they're worth the money Samsung is asking for them. 

Our review of the Galaxy Note5 is already live: we commended Samsung for the design, screen-to-body size ratio, camera to die for, the fast charging, and the surprisingly good battery life. Still, we feel like Samsung could have done a better job in certain aspects: while its the missing removable battery, microSD card slot, and IR blaster, it's also a fingerprint magnet that has an odd-sounding internal speaker. 

All of the latter are covered in our review, but in case there's something about the Galaxy Note5 that is of great import to you, feel free to ask us anything about the device, as we have one on us and will try to be of help. We will try to answer as many questions as possible in a follow-up post that will come in a few days' time.

It's your turn now - ask us anything about the Note5, but make sure to check out our review beforehand! Your question might have already been answered there!

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