Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release dates revealed


Samsung has revealed the places and dates where it's going to host a series of "S Carpet" events – apparently, the event that announces the Galaxy Note 4's launch in each country.

The announcement comes in the form of a map with variously colored dots, pinned to different countries, each color representing a date. It's interesting to note (no pun intended) that this picture still shows South Korea to receive the new phablet on September the 30th, whereas it was released on the 26th, as an attempt from Samsung to gain a bit of a momentum, before Apple's iPhone 6 hits the market; so the picture may be built on old-ish info.

There is also no dot for the USA, though there is one for Canada, wearing the color for an October 17th release, which falls in line with what we already know to be the Note 4's official release date for the US as well.

All in all, this seems like a massive launch, with Samsung looking to cover a lot of ground in just about 20 days.

Samsung has put a lot of effort into making the Note 4 a desirable upgrade for phablet aficionados. The company has been feeling the pressure from smaller up-and-comers like Huawei, Lenovo, Micromax, and the fast-growing Xiaomi, which trump the markets in China and India with highly spec'd-out devices at lower prices. The recent drop in tablet sales didn't help as well.

Instead of engaging with other manufacturers in a race to the bottom, though, Sammy went ahead and updated its design language, adding the much-requested premium materials to its latest phones, and spec'd the Note 4 out to the brim, bringing serious upgrades to its cameras, battery, and some nifty extra functions for the S Pen.

So will the Note 4 be enough to help Sammy out of a tough spot. Probably not, but it could be a good start in regaining some momentum.

source: Samsung (Facebook) via Android Community
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