Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Q&A: Your questions answered

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Q&A
Our Galaxy Note 10+ review tackles all essential aspects of the hot new commodity on the phone market, but there's always the chance we might have missed addressing a certain point that's of great importance to you. As we always strive to be helpful to our readers, we gave you the chance to ask us anything related to the Galaxy Note 10+ flagship and its smaller sibling, the Note 10. You did ask some quite interesting questions, and it's now time for the answers!

Be sure to check out our review as well - without it, you won't be able to paint a full picture whether the Note 10+ is worth it. We've linked it right below for your convenience.

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PA: 1. We will update this post as soon as we have more info on the matter. 2. There's no issue with the colors. We would describe them as not quite 100% realistic, but instead they have a bit more saturation and punch. The exposure is a tiny bit brighter, typical for Samsung phones, and you get consistent colors from all three different lenses on the back. We really like the whole camera package here - it is an excellent jack of all trades. As far as manual controls go, ISO can be adjusted between ISO 50-800 while the shutter goes between 10s and 1/24000s. You can also change the aperture in this mode. 

PA: 1. Yes, no issues here. We'd still recommend applying a better screen protector 2. Our hands-on with the official cases is coming soon. 3. No, there's still lots of room for improvement. We don't see much improvement from the Galaxy S10+. 

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PA: No, there's no way of changing the Night Mode exposure duration. You can sort of do that by playing around with the manual controls though.

PA: Sure thing, we got you covered! Check these out.

PA: It's excellent, honestly, and is once again the benchmark that other phones compare against in terms of colors, brightness, contrast, viewing angles, et cetera. It lacks the appealing high-refresh rate of other OLED displays like the one on the OnePlus 7 Pro, but it makes it up for that by overall excellency in all other areas. It's marginally better than the Galaxy S10, but then again, the S10 is another industry highlight in terms of display quality. 

PA: Yes, it's the same size. 

PA: No. 

PA: They sound quite good for a pair of free headphones, but of course for the music aficionados they are in no way a replacement for high-quality headphones.

PA: No, no holes on the pre-installed screen protectors.  

PA: We don't know exactly if the sensor is the same, what we know is that it performs similarly to the one on the Galaxy S10+. There's definitely lots of room for improvement here. 

PA: No doubt that the Note 10+ is an excellent entry into the Samsung ecosystem, but honestly, so is the Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e. But the Note 10+ isn't that much of an upgrade over the Galaxy S10 series, considering the hefty extra price that's involved. Aside from the S Pen, you are getting treated to a similar perceived performance, slightly improved image quality, and a couple of gimmicky features. 

PA: These issues are notoriously hard to pinpoint and can be due to either the phone, the cellular reception, cellular jams and others. We haven't experienced any issues with our Note 10+ so far. 

PA: Both are excellent! Both produce detailed and vibrant videos that are well-exposed and stabilized. The Note 10+'s Zoom Mic and Super Steady features might come in very useful if you're serious about shooting videos with your phone.

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