Samsung Galaxy Beam projector phone finally lands... in the UK

Samsung Galaxy Beam projector phone finally lands... in the UK
The Samsung Galaxy Beam is that very same phone with a built-in projector Samsung announced late February at Mobile World Congress and it’s finally here! At least if you’re in the UK where the Galaxy Beam is now selling for £395 (or nearly $615) off contract.

With a 15-lumen projector that doesn’t make the phone excessively thick, the Beam is definitely a device that will appeal to those wanting to bring their movies and presentation everywhere with them.

The projector should be the feature that you appreciate the most because otherwise the phone is a pretty standard mid-range affair, hardware-wise similar to the Galaxy Ace 2. It comes with a 4-inch WVGA screen, a 1GHz dual-core processor, 768MB of RAM and 8 gigs of itnernal storage.

Looking back at history, you’d see that this Galaxy Beam is actually the second iteration on the projector phone idea by Samsung. But while the first Beam cost a lot and sold in limited markets, this one might pave the way for the technology better. What do you think, are you getting this? Hit the source below to buy it Expansys’ European locations.

source: Expansys via Engadget

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