Samsung GALAXY Nexus training material for Verizon resellers leaks

Samsung GALAXY Nexus training material for Verizon resellers leaks
Let's say you are a rep for a third party Verizon reseller and the Samsung GALAXY Nexus has finally been launched. If someone comes into the store asking questions about the device, you are going to be glad that Big Red provided you with some training material to study. "Yes, Mr. Smith, the screen on the Samsung GALAXY Nexus is the world's first HD Super AMOLED display allowing you to watch YouTube videos and movies in high-def.

Plenty of space on the training material was given to Google+ and its Circles, Hangouts and Messenger applications. Of course, Verizon provided a list of the Samsung GALAXY Nexus' game changing features such as the curved display which helps prevent scratches on the glass, even when the phone is placed face down on a table. Speaking of the display, the 4.65 inch size is the largest in the carrier's line-up.

Other so-called "game-changing features" on the phone allow you to edit and enhance both videos and pictures right from the Samsung GALAXY Nexus. Using Android Beam, GALAXY Nexus owners can beam a website, a contract, a video or other content from your phone to another by putting the two handsets together. Of course, both phones will need to support NFC. Powerful speech recognition allows you to dictate a lengthy message and dictate punctuation. And using the Face Unlock, you can save the time and effort of having to swipe to unlock your handset by merely giving it a look to open the device.

We already have some idea that third party resellers will be launching the device on December 9th, and if those reps put the time in to study the information, they should be able to answer questions about the phone just as accurately as those who work for Verizon.

source: AndroidCentral

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