Samsung ATIV S delayed until February? Not according to Samsung

Samsung ATIV S delayed until February? Not according to Samsung
What's up with the Samsung ATIV S? The Windows Phone 8 powered handset has been delayed a few times with the last one pushing back shipments until the last week of this year. The first WP8 model to have a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display, it looked like things were proceeding for the year-end release of the phone when dummy units were seen being sent to some Canadian retailers just the other day. But some new speculation has arisen and rumors are floating around calling for a February 2013 release of the Samsung ATIV S. The good news is that these are just rumors and the word from Samsung itself is that everything is on course for a launch of the phone later this month.

In the states, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said that before the end of the year, Verizon would be getting the Samsung ATIV Odyssey. This is expected to be a carrier-specific version of the ATIV S. Back in October, we passed along the word that Verizon would be offering a Samsung Windows Phone 8 model for free with a signed contract and the Samsung ATIV Odyssey could be that phone..

Don't let the rumors of a delay until February scare you off. The manufacturer says things are still on for the launch of the Samsung ATIV S to take place before the ball drops in Times Square. Nokia and HTC have quite a head start on the Korean tech giant, but that might not mean anything if Samsungrecreates the success it has had in the Android space, with Windows Phone 8.

source: WPCentral

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