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Results: Glass back on the LG G6, yay or nay?

Results: Glass back on the LG G6, yay or nay?
So, recent leaks about the LG G6 suggest that the company has given up on the modular design and will have a much more... solid structure. One report even went as far as to suggest that the handset will have a glass back and wireless charging as a new feature.

LG hasn't been shy about experimenting with the materials on its phones. It went from a faux brushed metal finish on the G3 to a leather back on the G4, then went full metal with the G5. Well, the latter sparked a bit of controversy, since the manufacturer used a bit too much primer for the paintjob and the G5 didn't feel as cool as you'd expect a metal flagship to feel. But still — there was no lie there.

For one reason or another, LG's 2016 flagship wasn't well-received, so it makes sense that the smartphone slinger could try some different ingredients in the recipe. Would a glass sandwich be one of them? Possibly — but rumors are just that. Still, we thought we'd ask you — would you like to see a glass-backed LG G6? Here's how the votes tallied up!

Glass back on the G6, yay or nay?

Yes, I love glass sandwiches!
I guess, as long as it looks and feels nice.
No! Stick to metal, LG.
No! Go back to leather, the G4 was cool.
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