Research finds that smartphone owners with a store branded app are better customers

Research finds that smartphone owners with a store branded app are better customers
ABI Research says that those smartphone users who have installed an app branded with the name of a store, have proven to be better customers than those who haven't installed such an app on their smartphone. 45.8% said that having the app of a specific retailer on the phone made them want to visit one of the retailer's stores more often while 40.4% said that having the app made them want to buy more products and services from one of the retailer's locations. 35.8% of those with an app on their handset branded with a store said that it made them more often to spread the word about the experience of shopping at the store, while 30.8% said having the app would make them encourage friends to visit the one of the retailer's stores.

While that is all good news for retailers, there is one major caveat. Only 25% of those who responded to the survey have actually downloaded a store-branded app on their smartphone, which means that there is an opportunity here for retailers who promote their mobile app. And once a smartphone user gets that first store branded app installed, it could lead to the installation of apps from other retailers. ABI Research says that 37.8% of those who did load a store branded app on their device ended up adding more.

It all adds up to a great opportunity for stores that know how to build a useful and informative mobile app.

source: ABIResearch via IntoMobile


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