Reportedly confirmed: Samsung Galaxy S5 has a fingerprint sensor inside its home button

Reportedly confirmed: Samsung Galaxy S5 has a fingerprint sensor inside its home button
Whether you find it useful or not, it looks like a fingerprint scanner will be among the new features of the long-rumored Samsung Galaxy S5. We previously heard that the S5’s fingerprint scanner would be embedded into its display. SamMobile today is reporting that this isn’t true.

According to the website, the Galaxy S5 will have a fingerprint sensor built in its home button. Just like Apple’s iPhone 5S, you may think. Well, yes and no.

SamMobile says that the sensor is a swipe-type one, requiring you to swipe your finger pad from base to tip against the home button. Reportedly, the fingerprint scanner is “sensitive to moisture”, hence it won’t work if your finger is wet. If this is true, the moisture sensitivity could be a nuisance at times.

It’s said that Samsung has integrated various fingerprint scanning-related features into the Galaxy S5’s OS (Android 4.4 KitKat). Apparently, users will be able to register up to 8 fingerprints, and at least one of them must have the purpose of unlocking the smartphone. There will be a new Private Mode, including a Personal Folder, accessible either by fingerprint authentication, or with a PIN. Among other things, your fingerprint will be used to verify tour Samsung account.

SamMobile mentions that these features have been “confirmed” by an insider. The website also reports that the Galaxy S5 will not have on-screen buttons. Naturally, we can't be sure that this info is accurate. Not yet.

We're now only a week away from the start of Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, where Samsung is expected to officially announce its next-generation flagship smartphone. Until then, here is all we know about the Samsung Galaxy S5 (based on rumors, of course).

source: SamMobile

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