Report: Smartphone Market to grow 38% in current quarter

Report: Smartphone Market to grow 38% in current quarter
Research firm Strategy Analytics says that it expects smartphone sales to grow 38% year-over-year in the current quarter. The firm also said it expects sales to slow in the near future due to poor economic conditions in Europe, Asia and North America. The researcher sees a couple of big events in the second half of the year helping to re-ignite the smartphone market. First is the eventual launch of the 6th generation Apple iPhone, most likely in late September-early October. The second event is the expected surge of smartphone users upgrading to  handsets with 4G LTE connectivity once their contracts expire.

Strategy Analytics sees shipments of LTE enabled phones rising tenfold in 2012 and doubling in 2013. The firm calls that segment of the market the most important in the industry.  In addition, we should see the first LTE enabled Apple iPhone launch sometime in Q3 of the year. And while Verizon continues to add to the number of markets it serves with it's Long Term Evolution based 4G, AT&T is trying hard to close the gap with the leader. Sprint is in testing mode and hopes to have some LTE markets up this summer while T-Mobile plans on turning the switch on in 2013. Meanwhile, T-Mobile customers might not be in such a rush to see the nation's fourth largest carrier turn on its LTE network. A recent test found T-Mobile's HSPA 42Mbps pipeline was faster than Verizon's 4G LTE service in 11 markets.

source: StrategyAnalytics via BGR



2. Jeradiah3

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im not surprised by this article

1. learning2type

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no one wants to comment on such a boring story???

3. hepresearch unregistered

You may think it's boring, but here is what it could mean... 38% YoY smartphone market growth (title says market, article says sales, but market makes more sense in this context) means that smartphone saturation of the entire mobile market in Q2 last year was about 39%, and in Q2 this year it is now about 53%, and, if this trend holds, then next year in Q2 that will be 73%... this means that current feature or basic phone ownership marketshare must decline by roughly 47% in order to accomodate the 38% increase YoY of smartphones. That could mean that almost half of everyone who now owns a non-smart phone (like me... currently...) will likely buy a smartphone in the next year. That is a huge market transition over a very very relatively short period of time. This would make smartphone market saturation one of the fastest market trends in such a large market in history... ever. Smartphones will have become ubiquitous and dominant over market share in just two years (40% mark 'maturity' to 75% mark 'saturation' in what has to literally be record time).

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