Razer may not have a new phone yet, but it put out yet another mobile controller

Razer may not have a new phone yet, but it put out yet another mobile controller
The last time we had a phone come from gaming company Razer was back in late 2018 when it launched the blocky powerhouse that was the Razer Phone 2. We are still unsure whether the company gave up on making smartphones, but it's at least obvious that it hasn't given up on mobile gamers entirely.

Razer has just unveiled a new controller for mobile phones at CES 2020. And, for those of you keeping track, that's the third mobile controller that the company is about to sell. First we had the Raiju, which is a standard controller with an integrated phone mount. Then, we had the Junglecat, which comprises of two halves that attach to the two sides of the phone a-la Switch Joy Con. Both of these are Bluetooth controllers only and support Android and Windows, but no iOS.

Now, iPhone owners can get some Razer love, too.

The new controller is called the Razer Kishi. It has been developed in partnership with Gamevice and has that design where you plop the phone right in the middle, fusing the controller and phone into a makeshift gaming console.

What sets it apart from the previous two models is that it connects to the phone via a hardware connector. There will be two versions to buy — one with USB Type-C for Android devices and one with a Lightning connector for iPhones.

Console-grade controls

The Razer Kishi sports the full suite of buttons needed to play console games — two triggers, two shoulders, 4 pad buttons, a D-Pad, and two analogue sticks that can be pressed in. Obviously, it's not only ready to play your complex mobile games, but will also serve you well for cloud gaming or stream gaming... Once these become good enough services, that is.

The Kishi will be out some time in Q1 of 2020. As for price... we don't know. But Razer's other two controllers cost $150 and $100 respectively, so expect something in that range.

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