Qualcomm unveils its first depth-sensing camera technology for Android devices


Chipset maker Qualcomm has just introduced its new camera technology, which will soon make its way to Android devices. The new depth-sensing camera technology comes as an expansion to Qualcomm's Spectra Module Program, but the US-based company hopes to implement it on its Snapdragon Mobile chipsets.

The new IPSs feature a new camera architecture designed for advancements in computer vision, image quality and power efficiency. Moreover, the camera module program will include a trio of camera modules, including an iris authentication module, a passive depth sensing module, and an active depth sensing module.

According to Qualcomm, the Spectra Mobile Program has been expanded to include new camera modules that are able to take advantage of active sensing of superior biometric authentication, dense depth map generation, and segmentation.

Whether or not Qualcomm's new depth-sensing camera will be as effective as the company says, we'll probably find out when it hopefully makes it to Snapdragon Mobile chipsets.

source: Qualcomm

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