Protruding rear cameras: love them or hate them? (poll results)

Protruding rear cameras: love them or hate them? (poll results)
Smartphones with protruding rear cameras are nothing new, and they're currently quite numerous. That's not necessarily because users want (or like) non-uniform designs, but because manufacturers don't seem to have found ways to include powerful cameras inside ultra-thin handsets without making them stick out. Apparently, Samsung could solve this issue (if we may call it an issue) with a new, ultra-thin 16 MP ISOCELL camera sensor, but this hasn't been used in any smartphone yet.

Earlier this month, we wanted to know if our readers liked or hated protruding cameras, so we published this poll. And the results are not exactly surprising.

Only 138 of those who voted (7.07%) like protruding cameras, while 1,084 voters (55.56%) seemingly hate them. 729 voters (37.37%) don't mind them, though. If you didn't get the chance to vote while the poll was active, you're invited to share your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

How do you feel about protruding rear cameras on smartphones?

I like them
I hate them
I don't mind them

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