Press render of Android powered Nokia P1 appears?


Back in May, Nokia embarked on a series of deals that would allow the company to license its name for use on Android powered smartphones and tablets. Among the companies involved in this deal were contract manufacturer Foxconn and another firm named HMD. The latter is filled with former executives of Microsoft's mobile division

Today, a press render was disseminated, allegedly revealing a new Nokia branded Android powered smartphone known as the Nokia P1. The device was reportedly developed by engineers at InFocus/Sharp. You might recall that Foxconn purchased Sharp earlier this year, so everything seems to be connected. That is why the phones in the image above could be the same as the Sharp Aquos P1. Considering the limited distribution of that model, a Nokia branded variant of the phone is quite possible. Remember, the deal between Nokia and Foxconn is really all about licensing the Nokia name. Just because the logo seems tilted, it doesn't mean that the image is a fake since it would appear that the Nokia P1 is a rebranded version of the Sharp Aquos P1. It makes sense when you look at the names of the players involved in both phones. Obviously Sharp figures prominently, as does Foxconn. And Foxconn is heavily involved in Nokia's deal to license its name for new phones and tablets.

It appears that the phone will be available in blue, and salmon. Unfortunately, we don't have any other information such as specs, pricing or a date when Nokia might make this official. Speaking of which, we would definitely suggest that you run over to your spice rack, grab the container of salt, and take this story with a grain or two of the stuff. 

According to the terms of its deal with Microsoft, Nokia can't release a new phone using the Nokia brand until the third quarter of 2016. By the way, that just happens to be the current quarter that we are in.

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