Praise the Google! YouTube for Android will finally run vertical vids full screen

Praise the Google! YouTube for Android will finally run vertical vids full screen
We don't know if it's Apple's iPhone popularity as a take-anywhere camera to blame, or people simply don't care, but there's hardly been a more annoying trend in this digital age than vertical videos. The smallish iPhones before the 6 and 6 Plus were so conducive to hold and operate with one hand, that the majority of amateur video was shot in portrait mode; it just doesn't dawn on people to turn the phone around, or grab it with two hands. 

Still, amateur video is oftentimes the best for virals worldwide, though we just can't help but cringe every time we open the familiar thin and tall footage rectangle, flanked by two thick black strips on the side in YouTube. 

No more, said Google, and took the matter in its geeky hands, realizing that people won't change, but have to be worked around. The latest YouTube app for Android (v 10.28) will show vertical videos in full screen, instead of confining the tiny imagery as an awkward strip surrounded by blank spaces. The YouTube app update should hit your handset any minute, but if you are mighty impatient, and can't wait for Google to upload it to the Play Store, hit the source link below to download it.

source: APKMirror via AndroidPolice


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