Poll results: the Pixel Buds look... acceptable

So, after removing the headphone jack on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, Google now has its own wireless earbuds up for sale — the Pixel Buds. Small in-ear phones that come with a neckband to address all those "What if one falls off?" concerns — with the band, you can lose both at the same time!

We kid, we kid. The Pixel Buds do come with a special feature of their own and one that has us plenty excited — the real-time translation! We'll see how that works once we get our hands on them...

Of course, the new earphones also have their own unique look. With large pads that act as touch controls and 3 colors to choose from, they definitely have a special flavor to them. The question is, do you like their look? We ran the poll yesterday and around half of the voters say they love them, about a third don't, and the rest just don't care that much about the way their earbuds look. Well.. we'll see just how many of those we end up seeing on the street!

Do you like how the Pixel Buds look?

Yeah, sure!
Who cares, headphones are headphones


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