The Google Pixel Buds' Translate feature may just change the world

Amidst the presentation of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, advanced cameras, and miniaturized Home smart assistant, Google announced something pretty awesome, which we feel deserves its spotlight — the Translation feature of the Pixel Buds!

So, yeah, the Pixel Buds are the new wireless earphones by Google, mirroring the launch of products like the Apple AirPods and Samsung Gear IconX. What makes Google's buds special? Well, they can pair up with the Pixel and use Google's super-sophisticated translation engine to deliver real-time translation between 40 different languages. Here's how it works:

The two parties talk to each other in their own language. One side wears the Pixel Buds, while the other listens through the Pixel phone. Each party speaks their words in their respective device and the other side gets a direct translation in their ear.

It sounds awesome and it looked great on stage. Of course, we are pretty sure that it'll be clunkier in real life situations, at least in current times. However, we all know that, while it can't handle complicated sentences well, Translate is perfectly capable of making a simple exchange between two foreigners possible. This new Pixel Buds feature is the perfect next step for Google's Tanslate and it kind of reminded us of the Tower of Babel myth. Let's hope no one tears it down this time around.

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