Poll results: Would you use a smartwatch to browse the web?

Last week, Opera announced that it would be the first to offer a full browser that’s tailored for Samsung’s Gear S smartwatch. The browser, of course, is Opera Mini, known for being available on almost any mobile device that has a screen.

Although the Gear S features the largest display among current smartwatches - a 2-inch, curved AMOLED panel with 320 x 480 pixels - surfing the web on it would still be a challenging experience, even compared to what entry-level smartphones are offering. With that in mind, we made a poll asking you if you’d consider browsing the web on a smartwatch.

Only 15.28% of voters opted for a firm "Yes", apparently having no problems with using a web browser on a small screen that sits on their wrist, while 39.54% of voters would never consider surfing the web on such a display. At the same time, 45.18% of voters may use a web browser on their smartwatch if there’s no larger device around.

As a reminder, the Samsung Gear S isn’t available to buy yet, but it should be launched in the near future. In the US, all major carriers will offer the smartwatch - which, by the way, is the first in the world that supports SIM cards (thus being capable of making phone calls without the help of another device).

Would you use a smartwatch to browse the web?

Only if I'm forced to (by not having a larger device around)

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