Poll: have the Galaxy Note 7 issues and recall affected your buying decisions?

Poll: have the Galaxy Note 7 issues and recall affected your buying decisions?
So, Samsung seems to have had a bit of a doozie with the Galaxy Note 7. Days after its release, reports of inexplicable crashes started popping up only to be followed by a string of battery combustions shortly after. Turns out the hyper-powered has a few batches built with faulty batteries inside. Enough for Samsung to issue a full recall of all units out there — both in shops and in users' hands!

This introduces a couple of problems for potential buyers. First, we have the delay, which will certainly be felt by those most eager to get their hands on the brand-new Note. Second, there's probably a horde of users out there right now whose faith in Samsung has been shaken, and who are thinking twice about investing in a Note 7, recall or no recall.

Apple is rumored to be expecting a sales bump in iPhones thanks to the Note 7 blunder, while LG doesn't seem convinced that the issue will play a huge role in customer migration. But what's your take on the matter? If you were planning on a Note 7, are you now looking at alternatives? Or, if you had a Note 7, did you make use of some of the carriers' offers to replace it with another smartphone altogether?

Are you still planning on buying a Note 7?

Will buy as soon as sales resume / Will replace mine
Will wait a couple of months more. If the problems are gone - yes
Had one, replaced it with another brand / model
Not touching it with a 10-foot pole!

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