Poll: are you excited for the October 4th Google Pixel event?

Poll: are you excited for the October 4th Google Pixel event?
For a while now, we've been hearing rumors and getting leaked photos and renders of Google's upcoming phones for 2016. Having done away with the Nexus name, the vanilla Android-toting handsets will from now on be called Google Pixel, and it seems the company still wants them to look like premium devices — a trend started with last year's Nexus 6P. We are also pretty sure that Google will have some more exciting announcements for us in store — check out the full list of expected things here — at the now confirmed October 4th event.

Google's Nexus smartphones of the past have more or less been viewed as devices for the Android fans, geeks, and aficionados. Released with zero marketing effort around them and sold in a rather low-key manner, the Nexus brand wasn't really a heavy-hitter on the market. However, it seems Google is ready to change that. Last year, it made a good amount of effort to present the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P — the first-ever metal-made Nexus — in an upbeat event, which praised the phones' features. It is also speculated that the name is being changed to Pixel because Google will be making a conscious effort to build its brand as a premium line in the public's eye.

That said, we wonder — how hyped are you for the event right now? Do you expect something mindblowing (Andromeda), or just a regular, run-of-the-mill Google event that's only going to be interesting for the mobile tech fans?

Are you excited for the Google Pixel event next week?

Oh, yeah! Bring on the Pixel phones!
I'm interested to see what Google will introduce, but not hyped
The who the what now?

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