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Picture of LG Lucid 2 leaks wearing Verizon colors

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Picture of LG Lucid 2 leaks wearing Verizon colors
Leaked photo of the LG Lucid 2
On Monday, we passed along to you some speculation that the recently introduced LG Optimus F5 would be coming to Verizon where it would be known as the LG Lucid 2. Today, a leaked photograph of the device has appeared from the camera lens of evleaks. As you can see, the device pictured is wearing the Verizon branding.

The LG Lucid 2 would be the sequel to the LG Lucid, a low priced Android model that launched with Android 2.3 installed last March, and has since been updated to Android 4.0.4. The original model number for the LG Lucid is VS840 with V870 being reserved for the new device, which will be coming to the market with Android 4.1.2 on board and with LTE connectivity. This means that the new device will include Project Butter and Google Now. Project Now makes the UI responsive and silky smooth. Google Now send out to you information like traffic, weather, sports scores, stock prices and others. The information comes to you when you need it.

While there has been no leaked information on pricing, the LG Lucid 2 is rumored to be launching from Big Red sometime in April.

source: UnwiredView

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