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Mobile phone saves its owner's life

Mobile phone saves its owner's life
We know that the Apple Watch has saved lives thanks to two of its features, the heart rate monitor and the electrocardiogram (ECG) on the series 4 model. Now, there is word from Reuters that a smartphone has saved a life; this time. It wasn't a particular feature of the handset that saved a 43-year old man from certain death, but the phone itself took the brunt of an arrow that was shot directly toward the victim.

UPDATE:We originally identified the heroic phone as being an iPhone. However, the original source has updated its story to indicate that it was an unnamed handset that came to the rescue. We have updated our story accordingly and apologize for the mislabeling of the phone.

The incident took place yesterday in New South Wales in Australia when the man was threatened by someone he knew who was wielding a bow and arrow. The man lifted up his phone to capture a photo of the confrontation when the assailant pulled back on the bow and let go. Miraculously, the arrow ended up penetrating the victim's device, going out the other side. The tip of the arrow caused a small cut on the man's face.

In the past, we have seen other handsets make a heroic gesture by getting in the way of a bullet, such as the HTC DROID Incredible that saved its owner from suffering what might have been a fatal bullet wound back in 2011. And an iPhone saved the life of a 24-year old college student back in 2015. But today's story might be the first time that we have seen a smartphone save its owner's life by getting in the way of an arrow.
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