Pfizer wants its 92,000 employees to switch from BlackBerry to the Apple iPhone or Android

Pfizer wants its 92,000 employees to switch from BlackBerry to the Apple iPhone or Android
The world's largest producer of drugs has written a prescription to its employees, and it might have read "An Apple (or Android) a day keeps the BlackBerry away." Actually, Pfizer sent out a memo to its large work force of roughly 92,000, telling those that are using a BlackBerry handset to switch to an Apple iPhone or Android model whenever they have the opportunity to upgrade with their carrier.

Besides Pfizer, the U.S. Department of Defense has developed a plan that they will implement if BlackBerry goes the way of Coleco (Google it). Like the Defense Department,  Pfizer is concerned with BlackBerry's "volatile state" according to the memo. The Canadian based OEM had hoped that the BlackBerry Z10, with its all touch interface, would staunch the bleeding as many corporations and government agencies moved away from the handset that was once a must-have business tool that every businessman worth his pinstripes owned. But instead, BlackBerry had to write off nearly $1 billion worth of the device that was attracting dust, sitting in the warehouse since launching earlier this year.

With it's largest stockholder unable to attract financing for a $9 a share buyout of BlackBerry, the company received $1 billion in financing instead and  also replaced its CEO. These actions leave the company looking a little unstable. And that worries big corporations and government agencies that require dependable communications. To that end, BlackBerry's new CEO John Chen recently tried to calm its customers by saying that BlackBerry is here for the long-haul.

source: Bloomberg

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