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Parody: Windows Phone causes a ruckus at a tech-bar

Parody: Windows Phone causes a ruckus at a tech-bar
You may recall news we passed along about a woman claiming she was attacked in a San Francisco bar for wearing Google Glass. There is no doubt that was a real event and hopefully, Sarah Slocum got her purse back.

That does not stop the rest of the world from making light of a situation and in a city as liberal minded as San Francisco, a “fauxpinion” shared on SF Weekly took an artistic license of such a situation, this time poking fun at Windows Phone.

There is no debate that Windows Phone is playing catch-up in the realm of apps, services and user experience with regards to features. Had the incident with Slocum not happened this would probably be just a bit funnier.

However, even in the context of what happened in the past week, it is hard not to grin at the scenario.

Allow us to paint the picture: You are in an ultra-techie bar when you get a text message and you whip out your device to read it. It is a Windows Phone and all eyes are upon you as if you are some type of outcast for having such a device.

The story continues when a witness describes it as a situation that people do not understand, and people fear what they do not understand, “…no one had ever seen a Windows Phone before. It’s the kind of thing you only read about happening to other people.”

The tale ends with the victim filing a police report, with SFPD dutifully storing the details on a floppy disk.

source: SF Weekly
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