Palm about to reach 1,000 apps in the App Catalog

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Palm about to reach 1,000 apps in the App Catalog
Considered as one of the reasons for poorer than expected sales of the Palm Pre because of a lack of applications to choose from, the Palm App Catalog is on the verge of hitting 1,000 apps. Yes, that number pales when placed next to the six figure total in the Apple App Store, or even the 16,000 choices that Android phone owners have in the Android Market, but it should be enough to keep Pre and Pixi owners busy playing free and paid games with their handset. The small business owner is the person getting hurt by the small number of choices in the catalog. Some of the current apps in the catalog are not for the webOS devices (Pre and Pixi) and some are just for the Pre only. According to the mypre web site, the current count is 946, up sharply from the 800 total of mid-December. Any webOS device owners out there who want to comment on the number and usefulness of the apps you have to choose from?

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source: mypre


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