Opera: Android is a less effective advertising platform than iOS and BlackBerry

Opera: Android is a less effective advertising platform than iOS and BlackBerry
According to Opera's latest State of Mobile Advertising report, as an effective advertising platform, Android trails both iOS and BlackBerry. Based on figures compiled by ad networks owned by the developer of the wildly popular third party browser, advertisers on iOS earn $1.64 for each 1,000 impressions on Opera's ad networks versus $1.06 for BlackBerry and .88 cents for Android. Apple's mobile OS controls 46.37% of web traffic through Opera's ad platform and a whopping 58.40% of ad revenue made through that same platform. But that includes the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Apple iPod touch all together. Breaking it down by iDevice, we find that the Apple iPhone commanding 30.43% of traffic and 34.38% of mobile ad revenue. Advertisers on Opera's platform are making $1.48 per 1,000 impressions from Apple's iconic smartphone. On the Apple iPad, advertisers are taking in $4.42 for each 1,000 impressions, which by far is the highest eCPM reading and the most effective mobile advertising device yet on Opera's mobile network.

Android controls a respectable 25.66% of the mobile traffic over Opera's ad network, which translates into 16.79% of mobile revenue and brings in a disappointing 88 cents per 1,000 impressions. While we mentioned that RIM's CPM was $1.06 over Opera's ad network, the platform accounted for only 4.40% of traffic and 4.15% of mobile ad revenue. The readings indicate that Android is not as an effective ad platform as BlackBerry and iOS at this point, at least over the ad networks owned by the software firm. Part of BlackBerry's reading could be due to the device's continued use in the enterprise, although that is slipping. Speaking about RIM, the report added that  UK smartphone users using Opera's platform are more than four times likely to be using a BlackBerry than the rest of the world.

Opera has purchased a number of mobile ad networks that cater to more than 10,000 mobile sites delivering over 40 billion impressions a month making it the leading mobile advertising platform on the planet. Mobile browsers aren't the only reason why Facebook is interested in the company. Mobile apps make up 73% of the revenue for Opera's ad networks and mobile apps generated 80% of traffic. Opera is about to generate $400 million in ad revenue for mobile publishers, up 40% from last year and in emerging markets, the firm's  platform is very popular because the compression it uses saves money on data charges for phone owners. Opera also noted in the report that a lot of advertisers are deciding to advertise on mobile apps. More mobile phone users are viewing apps instead of a website using the browser on a phone.

source: Opera via AndroidAuthority
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