Online discussions led to the "N-word" linking to the White House on Google Maps

It has been a rather difficult month for Google Maps. A few weeks ago, an image of the Android mascot answering nature's call on an Apple was found at coordinates N 33°30'52.5", E 73°03'33.2". Google said that the image came from user submitted edits and put a halt to them earlier this month.

Now, a new issue has come up with Google Maps, one that is much more offensive than the earlier image. It has come to Google's attention that searching on Google Maps using the "N-word" takes you to the White House. According to Danny Sullivan, the founder of Search Engine Land, this was the result of people using the offensive terms in online discussions about the White House and its inhabitants. This led to the connection on Google Maps between a search of the "N-Word" and the building on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.

Google plans on updating its ranking system using an algorithmic change. This will rollout slowly on a global basis, and will prevent users from seeing inappropriate and offensive words link to a particular location on Google Maps.

source: Google via Engadget
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