OnePlus videos show its new phone charging faster than the Samsung Galaxy S8

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OnePlus videos show its new phone charging faster than the Samsung Galaxy S8
Remember when the most important thing about smartphone batteries was how long they lasted for? At the time, no one cared about how fast the battery would charge up. In the last three to four years, this has changed as manufacturers started to realize that charging times were half of the equation. While Motorola has its Turbo Charging, Qualcomm has its QuickCharge technology integrated into its Snapdragon chipsets, and OnePlus has Dash Charge.

To show off how fast Dash Charge "does its thang," OnePlus posted a couple of videos today showing the barely out of the womb OnePlus 5 against the Samsung Galaxy S8. First, we need to get some numbers out of the way. The OnePlus 5 sports a 3300mAh battery vs. the 3000mAh cell in the Galaxy S8. After 15-minutes of charging, the OnePlus 5 had 29% of its battery charged compared to 20% for the Galaxy S8. After a bit over a half hour of charging, the OnePlus 5 had opened up a large 58% to 39% gap over Sammy's current flagship model.

The second video had both the OnePlus 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 connected to a car charger and after the car was being driven around for half an hour, the OnePlus 5 had 43% battery life ready to go versus just 12% for the Galaxy S8. The difference between most chargers and Dash Charge is that the latter increases the amps, not the voltage. This allows for a faster charging experience with less heat generated.

Check out both clips in the video slideshow below.

source: OnePlus (1), (2) via AndroidAuthority


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