Emily Ratajkowski explains how OnePlus' Dash Charge works

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Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski has been selected by OnePlus to explain why the manufacturer's Dash Charge system, which rapidly charges the battery on certain OnePlus handsets, is superior to Qualcomm's Quick Charge and other such systems. The competition subscribes to the theory that by increasing the voltage, phones charge faster. This is true, but doing this also generates plenty of heat. And that slows down the charging process.

OnePlus discovered that by increasing the amperage, the Dash Charge system could carry even more current to charge the battery faster, and at a lower temperature. With Dash Charge, 30-minutes in the outlet provides enough power for an entire day, according to OnePlus. And the charging rate remains the same even if you are watching a video or playing a game while charging.

Ratajkowski points out that other fast charging systems are akin to increasing the amount of water that runs through the same small pipe, raising the pressure (and thus the temperature). On the other hand, Dash Charge is like sending water through a larger pipe which keeps the temperature stable. Another huge difference is that when most phones are plugged into the wall, power travels from the outlet to the handset and then is converted to the voltage of the battery. Some power is lost in the process, which results in a hot phone. When your phone heats up, charging speeds go down.

OnePlus, on the other hand, has power converted to the battery's voltage using the adapter instead of the phone. This way, the power has already been converted to the voltage of the battery by the time it reaches the phone. Thus, the phone remains cool and charging doesn't slow down.

And there it is, the science behind Dash Charge. It seems so simple, you probably are wondering why you didn't think about it yourself!

source: OnePlus

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