OnePlus 3 price hike coming in the U.K.; blame it on those who voted for Brexit

Even though the OnePlus 3 was just launched two weeks ago, the price of the "flagship killer" may be already poised for a hike in the U.K. You can blame it on those who voted for Brexit. The surprising tally found that most Brits favored the departure of their country from the European Union. The OnePlus 3 is priced at £309 ($415 USD at current conversion rates).

When the results of the balloting became known, the value of the British Pound dropped like a rock. From a price of $1.50 USD to buy a British Pound, England's currency collapsed to $1.34. The value of Britain's currency dropped by more than 10% in hours. The problem for OnePlus is that their margins are so thin, currency fluctuations can quickly force the company to raise prices.

In fact, the only other time that OnePlus felt compelled to raise its prices was early in 2015. Back then, a sharp drop in the Euro to a nine year low against the dollar resulted in OnePlus taking a loss on every unit it sold in Europe. As a result, prices were hiked across the continent.

In its forum post dated today, the company said that it will give its members a further heads up a few days before prices are raised in the region. Before the votes were cast in favor of England's departure from the EU, a OnePlus 3 sold in the country for £309 could be converted to revenue of $463.50 USD. Today, that same £309 would fetch OnePlus $415 USD.

source: OnePlus
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