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OneDrive for iOS update adds Office Lens integration, instant previewers

OneDrive for iOS update adds Office Lens integration, instant previewers
Microsoft has just released yet another major update for its OneDrive application for iOS devices. Aside from a couple of new features, the developers also enhanced the app's functionality for a better user experience.

First of all, long-time OneDrive users will be pleased to know that Microsoft added the ability to preview files via its new instant previewers features. As the name suggests, it should allow OneDrive users to instantly view their Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in the app.

Another new feature included in the update is the Scan feature, which allows you to scan and digitize whiteboards, documents, and business cards, thus avoiding carrying around any papers.

Furthermore, those who are using OneDrive on their iPads will be able to take advantage of their entire screen when opening files from the offline tab.

One of the features that many OneDrive users have request for a long time now has been implemented too, so now you can see camera information in the details pane.

Last but not least, the latest OneDrive update comes with improved upload reliability for those of you who are using your work or school account.

The update has already been pushed to the App Store, so if you want to take advantage of the new features makes sure to update to the latest OneDrive version.

source: App Store via WMPU
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