Official Jelly Bean ROM for Motorola ATRIX 2 leaked

Official Jelly Bean ROM for Motorola ATRIX 2 leaked
If you've been sitting around, kicking the dog, arguing with your spouse (or vice versa) all because your Motorola ATRIX 2 won't be updated to Android 4.1, there is some good news. An Android 4.1 ROM has been leaked that has an official pedigree from Motorola China, although it was never officially released. One of the guys at XDA Developers Forum has all the information which you can get your hands on by clicking on the sourcelink.

Considering that Motorola decided that the user experience for the Motorola ATRIX 2 was not good enough to update the phone, you need to think twice yourself. Those who installed the leaked update say that it is stable, but there are the usual risks. Your warranty becomes toilet paper and there is always the chance that you will brick your phone with no recourse.

Another alternative for you to consider is to take advantage of Motorola's $100 trade-in offer for those 2011 phones not getting updated, which includes the ATRIX 2. If you decide to throw caution to the wind and install Android 4.1 on your Motorola ATRIX 2, let us know how by using the comment box so thoughtfully provided for you below. Hopefully your anger issue will dissipate.

source: XDADevelopers via GSMArena
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