Nvidia Tegra 4i announced

Nvidia Tegra 4i announced
Nvidia has just unveiled the Tegra 4i chip, a mass market solution with LTE on board and packing the graphical punch Nvidia takes pride in with a 60-core graphics. Tegra 4i is what was formerly known as Project Grey.

The Nvidia Tegra 4i boasts about being half the size of comparisons quad-core LTE chips (read Qualcomm chips), yet it features a quad-core A9 R4 processor that can be clocked at up to 2.3GHz. Nvidia using an A9 processor instead of the new A7 might come as a surprise, but the important thing here is that it is the R4 modification of the A9 coming with a 15% to 30% better performance than standard A9. Having the A9 as a base actually makes this much more similar to last year's Tegra 3 rather than the new Tegra 4.

Nvidia brags about ‘always-on HDR’ and other features made possible by the brilliant graphics on this new Tegra 4i chip.

In terms of power efficiency, there is the quad-core processor helped by a fifth companion core for mundane less intensive tasks. Add to that the smaller size, and you get significant battery savings and possibilities for thinner and lighter devices.

When it comes to release date, Nvidia expects the first Tegra 4i based devices to arrive on the market around the first quarter of 2014 as the chip design samples will start sampling in Q3 2013. 

Along with the new chip, Nvidia is also announcing the Phoenix reference smartphone design. It's basically a Tegra 4i device in a very slim 8mm shell, a 5-inch 1080p display and with LTE. Take a look at all the new features of the Tegra 4i and at the Phoenix reference platform right below.

source: Nvidia

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