Nokia's new ad highlights its continuing partnership with Microsoft

Nokia's new ad highlights its continuing partnership with Microsoft
While the Kinks belt out "Not like everybody else," a man in color invades a drab black and white world. Pulling his yellow Nokia Lumia 1020 out of his pocket, his yellow earphones in place, our hero stands out thanks to color, which is the point of this new ad produced by Nokia. With Microsoft closing on its purchase of Nokia Devices and Services, the Lumia line retains the colorful look on the outside, meaning that even with new owners, the Nokia Lumia handsets still stand out.

Everything just became a lot #more colorful is the tagline of the spot, which shows our hero getting stares as he walks along the black and white streets, inhabited by those staring at their black smartphones. When one girl stares a little too long at our hero, her boyfriend gets a little jealous. Does the boyfriend represent the competition and the flirting girl friend stand for consumers? Just a thought.

The black and white world turns into color once our Nokia Lumia 1020 wielding friend spots a woman using a red Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet.  Considering that on Sunday, we passed along the news that Microsoft is still deciding what to name its mobile devices, it would appear that whatever they are called, Nokia remains a partner with Microsoft as Windows Phone looks to challenge Android and iOS.

source: Nokia via WPCentral


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