Nokia's first WP7 handsets to be announced on October 26?

Nokia's first WP7 handsets to be announced on October 26?
Nokia's market performance might be less than inspiring these days, but interest in its Windows Phone endeavors is surely high. The story continues as the company has now announced that its annual Nokia World conference will take place on October 26-27, thus giving life to rumors this might be the time and date of the much-anticipated introduction of its first Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

To tell you the truth, the published agenda of the event isn't really helping us much, but there is a section of it dubbed “To be announced”, scheduled for October 26, so who knows, we may finally get to see some Live Tiles pop up under that Nokia logo.

Furthermore, at the CommunicAsia 2011 event, CEO Stephen Elop did confirm what Nokia's EVP said in May, namely that the company is indeed going to launch its first WP7 handsets this year, so an October 26 introduction sounds fitting to us, to say the least.

source: Nokia via PCMag



1. Eingild

Posts: 203; Member since: Apr 19, 2011

If these WP7 Nokia phones turn out exactly the same as what Samsung, LG and HTC offer, then Nokia are surely doomed to fail. It's like we've waited for nothing.

3. alec unregistered

idk there 1ghz processor might blow you away

7. Mat4Maemo unregistered

Yes, but Nokia is Nokia!

2. ronron unregistered

i was gonna say the same thing, we've seen what nokia has to offer ie exceptional camera lens along with high-pixel cameras, and great designs, in fact these have been the hallmarks of nokia all these yrs, not that we're complaining, nokia is the best in these areas, but if nokia's version of wp7 is the same those on the other plyrs, while nokia will win back their customers, they wont dominate especially when wp7 itself isnt winning consumer's heart.... just adapt mango's feature onto wp7, would be stupid if nokia isnt leveraging the deal w microsoft to create some sort of OS differentiation... like their CEO said himself, the competition has shifted from hardware designs to ecosystem in otherwords OS...

4. cyborg unregistered

How will Nokia differentiate it's WP7 device might depend on its hardware. Bold exciting design with excellent 12MP CZ camera might win back loyal fans. Multi-cores is just for bragging rights. WP7 as of the moment is already buttery smooth. WP7 just needs a little freedom to bring more functionality. Currently, it's soooo restricted that it can't justify it's high asking price. Also, I hope Nokia will bring WP7 prices down. Mid-range WP7 anyone?

5. Rington unregistered

I can't understand why nokia(specially Mr. Flop) still require closed evil empire controlled WP7 whereas nokia just introduced Meego based N9 and first impression is really juicy. Well, someone will tell abt ecosystem but as meego is tightly bind and fully supported by linux foundation (the community who are responsible for linux developement) not android it has bigger ecosystem than WP7. One interesting point, in last year nokia is the 4th largest contributor in linux kernel development after some big shot like IBM. But this fxxxingg bulls**t flop guy by using some his false word "ecosystem" he is trying to kill most inventive open mobile platform. Meego isn't only supported by nokia, intel but also novell (Novell is already conquered sun solaris market in telco domain). I won't buy any nokia phone as long this rubbish will stay at the nokia's top position

6. box unregistered

"Faster, faster, faster would be better!" Or in this case, sooner!

8. ~ unregistered

Considering all the time we have to wait until Nokia actually has a Windows Phone to offer, it'd better be an industry changer

9. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

I really like the Windows OS- a lot. But the hardware does not inspire sales. I am really in a but of a jam here- I HATE AT&T, but they get the largest selection of systems- they have most of the Windows, a good (not great) selection of Droid products, WebOS, as well as the iPhone and Blackberry, if it ever joins the party. Verizon has by far the best reception in my area, but really only Motorola Android sets to chose from, and maybe the Pre 3. Sprint will have GREAT high end Droid selections, but only really Droid.Not only do I want Nokia to get to bat with Windows, I want them in EVERY ballpark. I really think this union can work- Mango is a great update (on paper) to Windows, and Nokia didn't become #1 by putting out bad handsets. Their hardware is reputed to be fantastic. But if it takes until the middle of 2012 for devices to hit shelves in great numbers, and then only on one or two carriers- how does that help any-freaking-body??? I want more Samsung Galaxy-type releases- get them to all people, maybe with tweeks to make them special for each carrier.

10. Dj21o

Posts: 437; Member since: May 19, 2011

These phones need to hit before the holidays. So many people buy phones for gifts it's insane. That seems reasonable lol.

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