Nokia wins its fourth injunction against HTC in a German court

Nokia wins its fourth injunction against HTC in a German court
For the fourth time overall, and the third time in the last two months, Nokia has won an injunction against HTC in German court. This time, the legal action coveres Nokia patent EP1579613. This patent is for a "method and apparatus for enabling a mobile station to adapt its revision level based on network protocol revision level".

While HTC and Nokia do have a licensing agreement that covers standard-essential patents, the patent at issue was deemed not to be a SEP.  The patent helps new devices run over networks using older technologies. You might remember that Nokia told HTC that it should have a New Year's resolution to "compete fairly".

Because HTC is appealing these decisions, injunctions that have been ordered by the court have been stayed pending the result of the appeals. This gives HTC time to design a workaround, or even make a deal with Nokia to cover non-SEP patents. Nokia has issued a statement, which you can read below.

source: FOSSPatents


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