Nokia tweets that it will ship its first Windows Phone model by the end of the year

Nokia tweets that it will ship its first Windows Phone model by the end of the year
On Thursday we reported that no less than Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told a big Chinese Social Network that the first Windows Phone flavored Nokia phones would ship in the fourth quarter with launches rolling out from country to country. The executive didn't give out a hint as to which country would be the first to receive the handsets although the company might have given us a clue.

It seems that Nokia sent out a tweet just to keep fans abreast of what was going on, in case they missed Elop's interview. The message was to the point, confirming Elop's comments that yes indeed, Nokia's Windows Phone devices will start to ship in Q4 although, as the tweet notes, local availability cannot be confirmed. The tweet also notes that it won't be until 2012 when Nokia will be shipping the phones in volume.

As for which country might be blessed with the first shipments of the Windows Phone flavored Nokia models, it looks like Nokia Australia's Twitter account was listed at the end of the tweet which could be a clue that the smartphones will be first shipped there. We should know a lot more at the end of next month at Nokia World.

source: @Nokia (Twitter) via Engadget


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