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Nokia in talks with Verizon, might launch CDMA handsets

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Nokia in talks with Verizon, might launch CDMA handsets

Nokia's Windows Phone plans have been the hot topic of the last couple of days and Stephen Elop was trending on Twitter for quite a while. Deservedly so as the deal shook the industry and now Nokia's CEO confirmed even more interesting details about its U.S. plans - the Finns are in talks with Verizon over a possible CDMA device for Big Red, Elop said in an interview for SlashGear. But it is not only Verizon that Nokia is negotiating with – the company has been in talks with all of the major U.S. carriers.

Nokia has been accused of having poor relationship with U.S. carriers, but Elop denied those accusations and shed some light on the failed launch of the Nokia X7:

“We don’t have bad relationships with carriers, we spoke throughout this process with them. … We have an obligation to put competitive products into the marketplace – we had a Symbian device which co-operatively we had worked with the AT&T folks. … [AT&T] didn’t think it was competitive, relative to iPhone and Android; the indication from them was “you’re not going to get a lot of love, sorry” so we faced the decision, do we throw money at this or do we rethink?”

Reports varied about which company was behind the cancelled deal, but this statement leaves no doubt about AT&T's opinion on the competitiveness of the Nokia X7 and Symbian.

source: SlashGear

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