Nokia and Windows Phone 7 marriage rumor circulating again

Nokia and Windows Phone 7 marriage rumor circulating again
Stephen Elop's move to become the CEO of Nokia after heading Microsoft's Office division is fueling speculations about WP7 heading to the Finnish devices. The all-important "trusted source" has confirmed that Mr Elop has been given the green light to make spring cleaning at Nokia as he sees fit, including playing around with the possibilities of additional operating systems.

Despite the fact that Symbian^3 has a revamped touch UI, and MeeGo will be a completely modern mobile OS, Nokia is still lagging in the software department. Seeing how thoroughly the company shook up its management cohorts, it is only likely that a big announcement will soon follow regarding the future strategy. MeeGo for its high-end devices, and Symbian^4 for the rest was Anssi Vanjoki's vision for the future of Nokia, but he is stepping down in a few months, because he wasn't promoted to the CEO position, as he said the other day.

MeeGo is in a final phase of development, and there is even a flagship Nokia N9 tested with it, as various leaks confirmed. Nothing is being heard on the Symbian^4 front, though, and WP7 might be a good alternative in the meantime. A lot of Microsoft's services are overlapping with the Ovi ecosystem, but two companies like Nokia and Microsoft can quickly overcome those differences and merge or complement the two successfully.

Or, for that matter, Microsoft could just outright buy Nokia at the current depressed share price, and have the hardware to back its software. Microsoft's cash and cash equivalents barely cover the market cap of Nokia when we last checked, though, and it still has to pay a premium, so a merger or an alliance is much more likely. Loyal Nokia fans might go elsewhere with such a move, though.

Microsoft will be getting more out of it than Nokia, but it will be a real game changer if something along those lines is announced in a few months. The only alliance we see that could prevent Apple, and especially Google, from cannibalizing the mobile operating systems market. Plus, Nokia will get a snappy minimalistic mobile OS, and the much needed exposure to the Silicon Valley, where much of the mobile and cloud services revolution is coming from these days. Our poor heads will explode from imagining the possibilities such an alliance can bring. But for now, let's wait and see how Nokia N8 fares on AT&T, as sources say its availability there can be announced in as little as two weeks at CTIA.

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source: VentureBeat



1. Stoli89

Posts: 333; Member since: Jun 28, 2010

MS and Nokia already enjoy an alliance to develop and implement Mobile Business Solutions. As well, Nokia has preferred Bing as its default search engine for phones like the C6-00. Elop's transition this week from MS to Nokia was also rather amicable...contrasting other high profile executive moves of late. A closer alliance might be the best for both companies, leveraging Nokia's smartphone design/manufacturing/distribution with MS massive software and development resources. Clearly, Nokia is highlighting the MS business office capabilities on it's new E7. With media/gaming centric devices like the N8...such platforms would be an interesting vector for MS X-games. Further alignment between NOK and MSFT would be a formidable force against Google/Android. However, such an approach could be services/content focused and operating system agnostic.

2. Eingild unregistered

FUCK OFF AMERICANS! You speak as if the whole cellphone industry is dependent on your market. Then guess what? Get out of your fucking country and check the market share of Nokia as compared to other brands. 6 out 10 people will buy Nokia rather than iphone or android devices! I am not a die hard Nokia fan but dude!?? You talk like you are the only country buying cellphones. Don't even dare to tell me that I am just not that rich to afford iCrap or what!. In other places, we don't even rely on subsidized prices. We buy them full cash, contract free! And don't you ever criticize me for this comment. I am very much aware of what I am saying. This is off topic, bu I am not even American and yet I can speak your fucking language way much better than you fucking Americans do! FUCK OFF!

3. Qwerty31800 unregistered

"Dude" calm down. Ouch "Dude." Ouch

5. jd829

Posts: 155; Member since: Feb 24, 2010

You speak my language "way much better" than we american's do? You must be french, so go jump off the eiffel tower ya frog.

7. h3csc

Posts: 5; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

My history book never told me that English is originated from the American.

4. annomalies

Posts: 2; Member since: Sep 24, 2010

I think Nokia is well without Android or Windows. All they need is to get Meego under the hood of N8 ir even E7. That would be a killer of a device... Symbian by far is a more mature OS than Android or even iOS. All they need to do is improve the UI.

8. thatdude1 unregistered

I agree. With a MeeGo handset and an improved UI for Symbian, Nokia will have many killer devices in the future.

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