Nokia's Mobile Solutions head Anssi Vanjoki gives his six months notice

Nokia's Mobile Solutions head Anssi Vanjoki gives his six months notice
One of Nokia's most senior managers, Anssi Vanjoki, has given his six months notice of resignation to the company. He was the person who recently laid out the strategy for Nokia to get back on track, after he was appointed head of the new Mobile Solutions division. Mr Vanjoki was very excited at the time, and revealed that he has been waiting twenty years for this moment.

Now, we can only guess what the reasons for him leaving the company are. It might be the needed thorough shake-up in management after the arrival of the new CEO Stephen Elop. Take the old guard out, bring new faces in, and start from scratch. This scenario would mean that Nokia might change the course, undertaken under Mr Vanjoki - MeeGo for its high-end devices, and Symbian^4 for the rest of its phones. It is, however, difficult to believe that the board would approve such a seismic shift in strategy. Former CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo lost his mojo for Nokia, after ramming the ill-fated $8bln NAVTEQ acquistion through, bur Mr Vanjoki has been well-regarded in Nokia during all that time. He started there in 2001, and has been holding various management positions since. His salary for 2009 was 2.1 million euro.

Much more plausible is the fact that the 54 year old Anssi Vanjoki has been preparing for the role of CEO himself, and when Nokia brought in an outsider, he decided to quit. The wording of his resignation press release also doesn't suggest he was forced to resign. Usually code word for that is "to spend time with his family", when a high-ranking manager goes down in the corporate world. However, Anssi Vanjoki says "I felt the time has come to seek new opportunities in my life... ", which usually means the manager is not happy with where things are heading against his will, or feels unappreciated.

Mr Vanjoki will stay at the helm of Nokia's Mobile Solutions division six more months, and will take part in the events at Nokia World 2010, which starts tomorrow. It is getting very interesting at Nokia - that's what happens when you lose two thirds of your profits for three years to a company who has never been in cell phones, and has only 3% market share - heads will have to roll. We hope it is not the case that Anssi Vanjoki has lost faith in Nokia's ability to turn the ship around.

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5. Sharko unregistered

Symbian and Meego will be the albatross on Nokia's neck. It never worked well for the masses and years of development hasn't improved its market share. It's time to throw in the towel and find some way to adopt the Android platform for Nokia's next round of smartphones. If you're going to battle Apple you're going to need the most formidable weapon possible and that's Android.

4. drizzle unregistered

i firmly support nokia because she is a real cell phone manufacturer

2. Mac unregistered

"It might be the needed thorough shake-up in management after the arrival of the new CEO Stephen Elop. Take the old guard out, bring new faces in, and start from scratch." This is obviously the reason for the changes taking place under the new leadership of Elop. Nevertheless, I believe that Vanjoki's strategy has been excellent but albeit late. Took him pretty long to realise that the ship was sinking. He did however set about some great actions to get Nokia back on track. Some of the ideas are as follows: 1) Set a platform so as to launch a new OS for the Nokia smartphone market. 2) Fine tune symbian for the mass market. 3) Watch the market trends prior to introducing the new OS and not make the same mistakes that others have made. (Repercussions of this was a rather delayed introduction of the new OS and loss in sales) What does this mean for Nokia: 1) I believe that the introduction of Meego tomorrow (at Nokia world hopefully!!) would be the beginning of great things. 2) The OS has been fine tuned to the point that it would just work when introduced to the market. Not like Google whom have changed their Android OS so many times that people owning these smart phones are still battling to get the new updated OS installed. Nokia should get most aspects right the 1st time. They have been market leaders in this field with so many of their OS variants having what we have in today's smartphones which were thought of by them initially!! Andriod has just taken all of these ideas and amalgamated them under one user friendly device. Nokia failed to do this and hence the intrduction of the new OS "Meego". 3) Nokia has OTA updates currently running pretty well for their phones which should mean they are one up on other OS's/smartphones. 4) Nokia sticking to symbian would not be a bad thing. It just needed a refreshing however and therfore the welcome introduction of symbian ^3 & ^4 is much anticipated. Nokia are still selling phones by the thousands, not because they are useless, but because they work well for those that do not want too much out of their phones. I mean, not alot of people want to socialise like the way we do but just want the ability to utilise this function when the need arises. The new introduction to symbian would suit that need and make the OS that more user friendly too. It would thus ensure that these phones would still ship out by the masses and further allign Nokia as a market leader. Number one rule of thumb.....take care of the masses whom make you into a great company......Connecting people!!! 5) Meego has been well configured to date. It should have everything that the top of the range Android or iPhone would have. I would not say that all things would be included in the new phone. Just that Nokia would create the hype with some new aspects and then introduce the balance slowly as time progresses. This is a strategy used by many Phone companies which reaps huge profits as people just keep on buying phones when a new one pops up. 6) The platform to launch an assualt on the market.........well nokia have done this!!! Just look at the versatility of the new OS. Go to the site and have a look what Meego is configured to be used in. They have the market taped!! From your home were the phone should integrate with almost all your hardware to your cars!!! What a pleasure. Some of the big names have committed to Nokia's Meego OS. This is truly phenominal as the platform has been set for an assualt in a market that Nokia has lead in for a while but now is playing catch-up. I think that if everything pans out the way it looks, Nokia would achieve huge success, albeit slowly. 7) Lastly, the glitches are bound to happen at first but at least they have had enough time to work out what they could possibly be!!! Take for instance the learnings from the Android market and the hiccups with the iPhone. The new CEO would also open up the path for other OS's to be introduced to Nokia. That would be excellent as i believe that Nokia would then be playing in all fields and just satisfy the mass market with all their different tastes!! Think about can walk into a shop and pick a Nokia running Android, WP7, Symbian ^3 /4^ or even Meego!!!! Now that is choice and if this follows through then Nokia..........let the good times role!!!! I hope they make the right choices. I am not a die hard Nokia fan but I do love numerous other phones as well. I would hate to see such a great market leader crumble without a fight. If Steve Jobs could do it then so can they. Come-on us some fight. I like the variation in the market but add some verve, character and spice to the market!!!

3. iHateApple unregistered


1. ilia1986 unregistered

In the previous article someone mentioned that he is afraid that Nokia will not be the same Nokia it was before. Now it seems that that someone was right. I believe it's for the better.

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