New Nokia head wants the old Nokia back, Symbian and MeeGo in tow

Starting July 1st, Nokia appointed a new director of its Mobile Solutions division – Anssi Vanjoki. While we are waiting for his first make-it-or-brake-it moment with the Nokia N8, some long time fans already started to jump ship. In order to clarify what lies ahead for Nokia, and lift their spirits, Anssi Vanjoki gave an inspiring speech of the presidential type that he has been waiting for 20 years for this, and that Nokia has all the tools to succeed.

They just have to be put together, we'd say, but here's the summary:

  • Nokia will be focusing on two areas – smartphones and mobile computers.
  • The said mobile computers will be running MeeGo and will bring full-fledged computing to your pocket.
  • Switching to Android is unwarranted, since Nokia has big plans for Symbian.
  • The smartphones will keep running Symbian, as it powers two-fifths of all smartphones globally.
  • Symbian^3 is almost a bridge OS (to make Nokia users more comfortable with the transition to ^4), and Nokia N8 will be the last N-series phone with it.
  • Symbian^4 device of the N-series is almost certainly in the pipeline.
  • They want Ricky from the Symbian-Guru blog, who closed shop yesterday, to be proud of them again.

The guy certainly seems excited enough, but we usually do not drink the corporate Kool-Aid, so let's wait till Nokia N8 comes out to see if they are still that hardware innovator we've known for years. Then we will wait with baited breath for Symbian^4 on an N-series phone.

If you want to read what's in-between, go to the Nokia Conversations blog link below.

source: Nokia Conversations

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