Nokia Windows Phone 8 prototype poses for the camera

Nokia Windows Phone 8 prototype poses for the camera
That Nokia is working on Windows Phone 8 smartphones is something that we already know. What those smartphones will look like once they are out, however, is not yet known, but a recent leak coming from the far east might have just shed some light on the matter.

What we have pictured below is said to be a Nokia Windows Phone 8 prototype. Or at least that is what is written on the bottom side of the unit, underneath its display, according to the tipster who provided the images. As far as we can tell, the claim seems trustworthy, given that on the device's home screen we see live tiles of smaller size, just like the ones that will make an appearance in WP8.

Or could it be an existing Nokia Lumia model running an early build of Windows Phone 7.8? Sure! However, note the lime-yellowish color of the smartphone. So far, we've seen Lumias in black, white, magenta, pink, and blue, but not in a hue similar to the one on the smartphone in the images. Or at least not in person. On the other hand, back in December of last year, a leak indicated that a yellow Nokia Lumia was supposedly being planned, but no such color variation has been unveiled officially to this day.

So yeah, this could indeed be a Nokia Windows Phone 8 prototype, but it could also be a smartphone running WP7.8, or it might even be an elaborate hoax. We can't tell with absolute certainty what the truth is, but if you, guys, have a theory, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments below.

source: WPDang (translated) via WPCentral

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